The Production Process

Most people do not realize the lengthy process the hair goes through to obtain the correct coloring. What is unique about Dreamcatchers is we allow our hair to rest in between the different stages of process which allows the cuticles to close and remain intact perserving the natural qualities and look of the hair. You would be amazed by the length of the process. Check it out.


Sourcing Worldwide


Fair Trade Supply Chain

The Production Process Begins

Here are the steps we go through to ensure the highest quality of our hair…

1Iron free washing.

water naturally conains iron which dries the hair at temperatures over 60 degrees celsius which is what is used to clean the hair. For this reason the water used to wash the hair is purified before the hair is washed. We were one of the first companies in the world to discover this and it makes a world of difference.

2Keratin conditioning & handwashing.

Keratin is used to keep the hair cuticles intact during processing. Handwashing to preserve the direction of the cuticles & to prevent damage.

3Naturaly drying the hair.

The hair is dried with natural sun and wind to prevent drying and coarseness. This slows down the process and that is why most companies don’t do it. But this is one of the secrets to the soft & luxurious feel of our hair. It is also very imporant for the performance and durability of the hair.

4Resting the hair.

Letting the Hair Rest in betwen the process steps so the cuticles can regenerate and keep their natural qualities.

5Haggling by hand.

With a special patented technology brush is used to remove the shorter hair and to prevent tangling.


We do in fact sometimes use the gentlest of coloring processes to help keep the color consistent. We are able to color the hair with minimal damage because we allow our hair to rest in between each color process.

7No chemical application.

Notice there is no chemical application. This is incredibly important because most companies actually apply chemicals & silicone on the hair to give it a shine & sell more. The problem is that after a few washes the shine is gone, the hair is damaged and basically you are left with a rotten apple that was polished very well but is still rotten on the inside. Natural hair is just not so shiny. To achieve a glamorous luster it is better to use conditioners and other hair products intended for natural hair.

8Gray hair removal by hand.

Grey hair naturally occurs in all people but we make sure to remove the gray hair using special UV lights to detect it. Most companies color the hair to hide gray hair but it shows after several washes.

9Second washing.

Second washing and conditioning is done to make sure the hair is clean after the completion of the previous steps.


This is the time when the hair is woven into i-tips and tapes. We are using our own unique & proprietary polyurethane tipping systems with a blend of different types of italian silicone developed specifically for Dreamcatchers. This helps a lot with preventing damage & slippage allowing for reusability & multiple adjustments making the hair last for years.

Check, Check and Check

At this point the hair is supposed to be ready … but is it ? You simply cannot know unless you check. This is why Dreamcatchers goes to extreme lengths to ensure that our hair extensions really are “The world’s best hair extensions”.

11Bundle weight check.

Bundle weight check is done to ensure that you get the exact ammount of hair you pay for.

12Shedding check.

Shedding check is done to check for errors in the tipping procedure. If any issues are found we simply return the hair for re-tipping and it is checked again.

13Brushing check.

Brushing check for hair strength & stray hair. Note the length & weight checks are done after this step.

14Full cuticle intactness & Remy check.

On all hair we receive we perform quality control checks under a microscope to ensure the hair is indeed full cuticle. We perform this check to keep suppliers from slipping us low quality hair. At this point we can detect multiple quality issues like chemicals being used during processing or if the cuticles are not aligned in the same direction meaning that the hair is not Remy.

15Length check.

We check the hair at the factory when packaging and we perform quality control once we receive it.

Picking Only The Top 20%

Picking only the top 20% through a proprietary grading process. The rest is sold off to other hair extensions companies. Yes we actually have a pick first policy & contracts with all our suppliers. Note that this is much better than having your own factory because then you are forced to sell all the hair your factory produces. We not only use multiple sources to get each tone from the appropriate source but we also buy only the top 20% of the best hair … the rest is sold off to our competitors.